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There is no point. To being a Free Subscriber. Not now. I stopped all that malarkey because there is enough free content of mine out there if you want it. This is a labour of love. PAID SUBSCRIBERS, though? That’s a different story.

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My life has been nuts. Iconic TV shows, legendary columns and Award winning radio shows on two sides of the Atlantic. But more than that, the most ridiculous up and down triumph and disaster sickness and health story I - for one - have ever experienced. I realised this means I can talk heartfelt/amusingly about anything. So each week I pick a subject, pick a location, and talk for 30 mins with accompanying photos. Yes there are still mentions of videogames in there, but there is also so much more.

Be part of a community

Best of all we get to come together in the Comments section (which is cleverly called The Domments Section) to chat about it. I monitor and respond to this daily. Mostly hourly. Sometimes minutely, given how desperate I am to be liked.

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Dominik Diamond

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